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Guidelines for Winning the Jim's Motors 2015 Trailer

    Here is how the Jim's Motors Trailer Give Away will work.
    You MUST purchase a membership for $30.00 with Tin Can Tango, LLC.
    You MUST attend 70% of the TCT shows to qualify for the trailer.
    Winners of their division in the OPEN class only at each show (1D-4D FIRST PLACE) will have their name put into the drawing. If the winner of the division is NOT a member of Tin Can Tango, POINTS will be awarded to the next member in line but, you will not be entered in the drawing unless you win your division in the OPEN class and you are a member. The trailer will be given away at the September 18th show at the 2nd Annual Jim Trenary $1000 Barrel Blowout. You may qualify for the trailer up to that show to win. If you place first more than once in any division, your chances increase to win! It's that simple! We want to give EVERYONE a fair shot at winning this trailer and we feel this is the best odds for all.

    Dealer details on trailer to follow.